SWG Adds Uruguyan and Mexican Wine Leaders

Hello all:

After much hard work we are pleased and honored to announce that we have pioneered again in creating the first premium book of top suppliers of fine wine from Uruguay and Mexico.

Also, due to thier limited nature, some wines will be exclusively sold on our web site.

In the case of Mexico, we have added Baron Balche, Vinisterra, and Quinta Monastario. The wines are of different styles and from different winemakers. Each reflect a passionate drive for achievement where they have striven to honestly interpret Baja’s terroir. Each wine has layered, rich fruit flavors, true integrity and are what I would consider “serious” wines.

However, because wholesale importing is 95% of what we do, we will always add items where we can secure well priced buys of greater quantity for our wholesale network. In the case of Mexico, we have purchased 300 cases from Villa Montefiori. The wine is a delicious 07 Cab/Sangiovese ‘Mexican-Super Tuscan’ blend. Beautifully packaged and in perfect condition, this should be a hit. Ask for it at your better wine outlets. Also available online at http://www.southernwinegroup.com.

From Uruguay, we have added Viñedo de los Vientos and Bodega Carrau for online sales and Bodega Bouza for our wholesale network. Bouza is widely touted as Uruguay’s best boutique winery. Among their other wines, they make luscious, black velvet Tannat, fine mineral rich Chardonnay and citrusy, smooth Albarino. All of these will be available in a mere few weeks.

I wish to encourage you to try these wonderful wines soon. With the addition of these fine producers, we are now truly pan-American! Thank you.


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