About SWG

Southern Wine Group was founded in 2000 to import, wholesale and retail sell via our web site, Latin America’s finest wines. We have been pioneers in many things. Launching the first Argentine Malbecs and Torrontes varietal wines in the USA, selling some of the first high-end Chilean red wine blends, and being one of the first importers to take a serious stake in producing our own wines with successful brands such as La Yunta, Alberti 154 and Ca’ de Calle wines from Argentina, Jubileo wines from Baja California, Mexico and ErĂ©ndira Oregon Pinot Noir. Visit us at http://www.SouthernWineGroup.com.


2 comments on “About SWG

  1. sowinegrp says:

    Hi folks, welcome to the Southern Wine Group blog. You can find our wines are http://www.southernwinegroup.com. We have a full ecommerce site and our wines are available in many of the states you may be visiting from. Thanks for finding us!

  2. Bill Rogers says:

    I just opened a bottle of Martino Old Vines 2004 Malbec (my favorite wine, malbec that is) and it was just yummy. Such a satisfying experience. I will be in Bend on Monday, October 10th and wondered if you are open and if you have wine to taste and to sell. I think you are doing a great job in introducing the wonderful world of Malbecs to the public. My office number is 707.961.1755 if you want to leave a message in the next few days before I leave for Oregon. All the Best, Bill Rogers

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